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Next Courses?

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The next bread course is on 21 August 2016.

On the day

We start 9 for 9:30. Theory till morning tea at 10:30. Then we start mixing, moulding, proofing and baking. Lunch is served at 12:30. Questions are answered until you have had enough! 3:30 is about the latest we've ever stayed...

Included in course fee

Notes, ingredients, bread, cultures are provided.

$154 per person including GST


All types of bread are taught. From soft "fluffy' white bread to stoneground sourdough. Advanced breads such as fruit, fermented brioche and natural leaven and stoneground flour are covered. I use a natural fermented bread to teach moulding skills. Gluten free can be covered, but more of a wheat/fermented bread focus.

Please feel free to contact Matthew with any questions.

The New Oven!

The new oven on wheels!

When teaching the breadmaking workshops, there would always be a point of congestion at the oven. As I teach bread all over the place, needed the oven to be mobile... Hence the construction of the mobile bread oven.

Wood fired.... refractory in the firebox... steel racks...... best of the modern and old worlds!

Word has been getting around... Paul has already been commissioned to do another one! and people want me to bring it to their events to cook up large quantities of food for hungry guests!

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