The Farm Dojo

via Braidwood, NSW

The Farm Dojo

farmThe Farm

Our farm is a small family property.

The first goal is to produce quality food for the family. When possible we share this with our friends.

We might see you at the Braidwood Farmers Market 

The property has some great features. We have creek frontage, our own hill, green grass, trees, scrub, access to the river. We built a house that catches the sun and is protected from the wind. It took my wife and I twenty years of work to get here.

The land is managed using principles of "Systems Agriculture", Permaculture, Biodynamics and Natural Sequence Farming. By caring for the land, plants and animals, they will in turn look after us. A symbiotic relationship that humans have had for the majority of their history.

farm2Mat Hulse - the Farmer

The Farm, located near Braidwood, NSW, a mixed farm that utilises practices from organics, biodynamics, systems agriculture and natural sequence farming.

Mat is a link between farming and Martial Arts overlaying Aikido principles and practices to farm management.

What we grow and produce

Black Suffolk Sheep: a dedicated meat breed. Grass fed. 

Heritage Breed Pigs: a mixture of different breeds. Free range.

Heirloom Vegetables: non hybrid, save the seeds! Tasty and fresh.

Traditional Fruit Trees: a great treat when they are on! any extras to the pigs!

Old Variety Grain: small scale, for flavour and nutrition. This region was once a famous grain district!

Farm House Chickens: because fresh eggs are great and we all love having chooks around!

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