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Aikido beginners class - Braidwood Dojo

Each spring the Braidwood Dojo offers a 10 weeks beginners course, plan to attend every class.

Cost is $100.

The beginner’s class offers interested people a ramp instead of a step into Aikido. At the end of the beginner’s class, a student is ready to join the main class, or can leave with an introduction to the principles and techniques of Aikido.

As Aikido is different to most martial arts, in that its aim is to resolve conflict not escalate or participate in it, these differences are best explained at the beginning, in a slower environment, than the main class.

The first Lesson

  • Arrive for class at least 15 minutes before training starts to allow time for changing, setting up the dojo and warming up. Shoes are not to be worn on the mat. Bare feet are not to walk on the floor. Take off and put on shoes at the edge of the mat. Sandals make this easier.
  • All forms filled out and payments to be made before beginning training.

Personal Preparation

  • Wear comfortable, clean clothes that can be gripped. 
  • Keep nails trimmed and long hair tied back. 
  • Do not drink alcohol or anything that will impair your ability prior to training. 
  • Remove jewellery. 
  • Try to have a clear mind, ready to receive instruction

While Training

  • Have fun and enjoy.
  • Watch carefully and listen intently to what is being shown. Perform techniques accurately
  • Don’t talk unnecessarily.
  • Do not leave the mat without the instructor’s knowledge.
  • Treat everyone with respect. Do not train beyond the level of your partner.
  • Follow the teacher’s instruction carefully. Injury is more likely to occur when students are competing.
  • Avoid challenging people to test techniques. There is no good outcome of this sort of challenge. The instructor is available to answer any questions.

For further information:

Come and watch a main class anytime before the main class or talk to Matthew Hulse, Instructor Braidwood Aikido Dojo, who has been teaching this beginners class for 16 years.

About Braidwood Aikido 

aikido4Aikido is a modern martial art and not a competition or sport. The training model is for surviving multiple armed attacks, in the least destructive way. The techniques are derived from the use of the Japanese sword, staff, knife and the empty hand Ju-Jitsu techniques. Being “first” principles make the techniques applicable to armed, unarmed and verbal interactions.

Training is open to men and women of all ages. New students are accepted once a year in the spring time. A need to learn Aikido is the most important attribute of a student.

The curriculum of the dojo is the Aikido of the Founder, as preserved by his student of 23 years and successor as headmaster of the Iwama Dojo. There are grading tests and ranks awarded by the Aikikai. The dojo trains for conflict scenarios as well as application of principles in daily interactions.

Training is held at the same time every week. It is expected that students attend every class, unless there is a significant life event. Students arrive early to set up the dojo and warm up. The teacher will demonstrate a technique and students then take turns to practice. Under the supervision and guidance of the teacher.

Aikido Training - Where and when

Anglican Hall, Wilson St, Braidwood

Beginners will be accepted in the Spring Beginners Course.

In the meantime interested persons are welcome to visit and watch classes.


There is an annual association membership fee of $30 and monthly training fees of $66/month. There is a student and concession rate of $33/month. . It is important to note that these fees cover the hire of the hall only. The motivation of the instructor to teach is not money.

Pay online safely with PayPal!

You do not have to have an account; please keep receipt issued by PayPal for your records.

Aikido Annual Association Fee $30 incl. GST

Aikido Monthly Training fee $66 incl. GST

Monthly Training Fees


aikidoDojo History

The dojo opened in the spring of 2004. The venue has been the Anglican Church Hall in Wilson St. It is a building that has played an important part in the history of the town.   Braidwood Dojo keeps in connection with the assiciation, by attending seminars and regular training of other dojos.

Dojo Philosophy

Aikido is important technology. We are training to create the best possible outcome from the worst situations. We start our study with the worst possible scenario.

Do you wish to join?

Anyone wishing to train should first read the association website:

Also lots of good information is on Ku-ring-gai Dojo website:
Our nearest "sister" dojo is

Join now!

Then ...

Everyone must watch a class.

Paperwork must be filled out and fees paid.
At the beginning of training, shoes are removed at the edge of the mat before stepping on.
From then on... follow the directions of the instructor.

aikidoMat Hulse - the Instructor

Aikido training benefits the bodies, minds and spirits of those who study.

The strategies and the techniques keep working in extreme situations; when you really need them too.

Aikido principles are whole and universal. They are real because they work in the physical dimension. The lessons learnt through your body can be applied in your daily, work and family life.

The dojo is a place where people come to improve themselves. Careless and brutal training is not tolerated. Senior students care for junior students, as was done for them. We train slowly and precisely to learn what is really happening. When the movement is correct, speeding it up makes it very powerful. Aikido is a life long path of improvement and learning.

The Head Instructor of the Braidwood Dojo is Matthew Hulse. He has trained martial arts for over 25 years, Aikido since 1996. He holds Nidan rank from Aikikai Headquarters Japan and a coaching certificate from the Australian Ju-jitsu Federation.