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via Braidwood, NSW

About Braidwood Aikido 

aikido4Aikido is a modern martial art and not a competition or sport. The training model is for surviving multiple armed attacks, in the least destructive way. The techniques are derived from the use of the Japanese sword, staff, knife and the empty hand Ju-Jitsu techniques. Being “first” principles make the techniques applicable to armed, unarmed and verbal interactions.

Training is open to men and women of all ages. New students are accepted once a year in the spring time. A need to learn Aikido is the most important attribute of a student.

The curriculum of the dojo is the Aikido of the Founder, as preserved by his student of 23 years and successor as headmaster of the Iwama Dojo. There are grading tests and ranks awarded by the Aikikai. The dojo trains for conflict scenarios as well as application of principles in daily interactions.

Training is held at the same time every week. It is expected that students attend every class, unless there is a significant life event. Students arrive early to set up the dojo and warm up. The teacher will demonstrate a technique and students then take turns to practice. Under the supervision and guidance of the teacher.

Aikido Training - Where and when

Anglican Hall, Wilson St, Braidwood

Beginners will be accepted in the Spring Beginners Course.

In the meantime interested persons are welcome to visit and watch classes.


There is an annual association membership fee of $30 and monthly training fees of $66/month. There is a student and concession rate of $33/month. . It is important to note that these fees cover the hire of the hall only. The motivation of the instructor to teach is not money.

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Aikido Annual Association Fee $30 incl. GST

Aikido Monthly Training fee $66 incl. GST

Monthly Training Fees