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All about Bread and the Baker

The bread


The bread should be made with quality ingredients and prepared carefully to achieve the best flavour and nutrition. 

The dough should be mixed carefully and thoroughly then hand moulded and proved at low temperature before being baked. 

The types of bread could be many, and you can learn to make them all:

Soft or crusty white bread

- bread made from fresh dough made with yeast and improver

Special bread

- like wholemeal, rye, spelt, grain or bread that contains for example fruit, walnuts or olives


- made from fermented dough without the use of yeast or improvers and this could include grain fed or rye fed sourdough

Sweet bread

- like brioche, rich with fresh egg and butter, malt, molasses, honey and vanilla sugar.

Mat Hulse -The Baker

MatMat learnt to bake more than 20 years ago.

The proof of his knowledge is establishing and taking to fame and success Braidwood's Dojo Bread which he sold some years ago to allow him to pursue his passion

- combining farm life with Aikido and

- applying the principles to corporate strategy and business management - helping to map out where you are, and where you want to be in your business.

He has made bread on TV, appeared on radio and his name and art featured in many publications. 

He has been passing his knowledge and experience through conducting bread making courses. 

His students have gone on to win bread shows and open their bakeries.


You can learn it too and Mat is happy to pass on his knowledge.

Join one of his popular bread making courses!