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Thanks again

I was at your recent bread making course and wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. It was a very inspiring day and which totally transformed my ideas about bread making. Since then I have made whole-grain bread using the overnight fermentation process, yeasted corn bread - and I now have 2 loaves of sourdough rye bread proving on the bench. Cant wait to try that out.

I learned so much from you - but was most grateful that you demystified the process to show us how to make gorgeous bread very simply and in the home. I will be grateful forever.

I would appreciate it if you could email me the yellow instruction sheet on overnight fermentation and short fermentation - I managed to rip a hole in that travelling home from the course (you were going to amend the amount of yeast listed for the short fermentation from 7 gms to 10gms also).

Finally, can you please confirm where you get your bread supplies. I bought that 25kg bag of flour off you so I have enough for now but would like to know about future supplies. Also, where can I source decent quantities of organic grains from?

Thanks again - I am spreading the word about your fantastic course!


Hey Mat

bread on tray scottJust wanted to say thanks again for the bread course on Saturday. It was really enjoyable; the food was amazing, and I got so much out of it.

When I got home my 5yo daughter was keen to make some bread. So today we had a crack at it. Made some bread rolls. They turned out great. Light and fluffy. We tried a few different washes on them to experiment. My daughter couldn't believe how tasty they were.

I need to work on making them a bit prettier.

I did have one question though. I just wanted to confirm: when using the dry yeast sachets, you halve the amount stated in the recipes you gave us?

Thanks, Scott


Thanks again for your great class and guidance

Hi Matt,

We were thinking that you might like to hear how my baking is progressing as it’s now a couple of years since the class at Phion. In short... very well.

We rarely buy bread now. I’m usually baking once or twice a week which is easily meeting our requirements. Pesky work commitments means we’re having to freeze the loaves and brioche for later. Although it’s not quite the same as baking fresh, the product coming from the freezer is still preferable to most of the purchased bread around here.

I’ve also been experimenting with different recipes with varying success. The perfect baguette still eludes me but I’m sure I just need to practise more frequently. The most recent success was my efforts at Turkish pide last weekend. The first attempt was quite edible but needed to practise getting the dough and shaping right. The pictures are of the second attempt, which was exactly what I was aiming for. The family insists that the pide recipe needs to be repeatable and I should make some more next weekend if not sooner.

Without your great class getting me started and your kind assistance while I was getting a feel for good rising times, I would never have managed that. Thanks heaps! I still don’t understand why I need to reduce recipe times by 30-50% even though I’m at the recommended dough temperatures but with your guidance I’ve learned to recognise when the dough is ready to move to the next stage and adjust my timings appropriately.

Thanks again for your great class and guidance. I hope you and your family are keeping well and the farm is going well too.

Regards, John

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A short thankyou or two

Hi Mat, we had a lovely time today and learned so much. Thanks again.


8 March 2017

Hi Matt, we're home safely. Just wanted to thank you for a stunner of a day. Am having some home made Beetroot relish and cheese with the bread as I type . It's just too delicious. N was most impressed as was I.


8 March 2017


Subject: Re: Corporate Breadmaking Course for Rural Funds Management 

Many thanks Matt. Everyone raved about your bread making on Friday night so thank you for giving the team a good time.

Stephanie Vizzari
Executive Assistant
Rural Funds Management Limited