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Eucalyptus oil is a wonderful natural product with many uses. It was also an important industry in the Braidwood District. This course is a demonstration of the tools and techniques of distilling Eucalyptus Oil on a small scale.

Aimed at people interested in the history of Eucalyptus Oil production as well as those who want to make some themselves, at whatever scale. The course is being aimed as a demonstration of the tools and techniques, so is suited to people who want to watch. Sufficient demonstration and detail will be presented to allow interested parties to go away and distil their own oil if they so desire.

Topics included will be the sustainable harvest of leaves, leaf identification and preparation, water, equipment, distillation, wood and fire, packaging and use of eucalyptus. With the vast experience of our presenters, any questions will be answered and eye witness accounts of the history of eucalyptus in the area.

On the day

  • We will meet at 9am for a 9:30 am start.
  • After introductions we will begin the demonstration. Plan is to have much of the wood and leaves prepared in advance so that the demonstration is at a quick pace and safe as possible. There will be no felling of timber etc.
  • There will be a light lunch served and then a BBQ to follow. We are planning to have plenty of discussion and storytelling time afterwards. We recommend that people stay overnight at Tombarra if they plan to have a beverage with their meal.

Numbers are going to be capped at 20 people.

Venue: on the grounds of Tombarra, Mongarlowe NSW

Course fee: $154 per person which includes a sample bottle of oil, notes, lunch and afternoon BBQ. Accomodation and BYO is extra.

The presentation and instruction will be done by Lloyd W and Barry J, two recently retired boilers.

Contact Matthew Hulse for bookings, event management and catering (done by Matthew). 

The Basics of Home Killing and Butchering

There are provisions in the legislation for producers to process their own livestock for personal consumption (and the course will include information regarding the legislative requirements). Producers may choose to do this to save travel time, stress on the animal and also cost. Traditionally it was a time when the family would come together to help and also secure nourishing food.

Many people have not ever experienced this process and will find it very daunting. It will help a lot for a beginner to see the process for real and to be able to discuss and ask questions.

This course focus is “medium” sized animals such as sheep, goat or pig. These will be slaughtered using the minimum of equipment, to best represent the tools that the beginner will have. The exception to this is a rifle or passive bolt gun which will be demonstrated. But otherwise knives, saws, gambrels and a domestic fridge will be used.


  • The course is usually held on the property of a course participant, using the animal supplied by the host.
  • Participants will be limited to 6 people and held with a minimum of two people.
  • The venue will be in the Braidwood district, NSW.
  • The cost per person is $154 per person.
  • The instructor is Matthew Hulse. Matthew is a competent butcher and has processed his own meat as a producer and a hunter.

Please note: the course covers the basics and, while in detail, it does not provide for or result in any form of qualification. 

Rifle s

A rifle or shotgun is an important farm tool. Land owners need to protect stock from predators, handle sick and injured animals, and protect crops and grassland from overgrazing by feral species. Also a homesteader type can supplement their diet with free range organic meat. They can also enjoy shooting sports like target shooting.

Who should attend

The course can be attended by people who are considering purchasing a firearm, have purchased their firearm or have been using a firearm but want to have a better understanding. Experienced firearm users from areas such as military or police, can familiarise themselves with civilian law, rural etiquette and “hunting” equipment.

Topics covered are

  • selecting a firearm,
  • safe storage and transport,
  • clothing, equipment and PPE,
  • safe shooting environments and appropriate targets,
  • shooting positions and techniques,
  • range estimation,
  • trajectory and wind,
  • ballistic tables and data,
  • aiming points on targets,
  • terminal ballistics,
  • game utilisation,
  • firearm maintenance and accessories,
  • scopes and lighting options,
  • cleaning,
  • relevant legislation, sighting and zero, knives.
  • Reloading can be covered if desired.

On the Day

  • The course runs for ¾ of a day. 
  • We meet at 9 for a 9:30am start.
  • The course will be about half sitting with discussions and demonstrations and the other portion will be going for short walks to make points and do outside demonstrations.
  • Morning tea and lunch is provided.

Participants per course is preferred to be less than 6 participants.

Note: The course is held in an undercover space as well as outdoor exercises, this is not a shooting course; it is not held on a range.

Cost is $154pp GST included; includes lunch and take home notes.

The course is presented by Matthew Hulse. Matthew began target rifle shooting and have been using a rifle on the farm for his whole life. A member of the SSAA for 25 years and his local target shooting club. Matthew has experience with many types of firearm, terrain and targets.

Book your space and pay with PayPal on-line now, places are limited to 6!!!

Please note, you do not have to have a PayPal account, keep the receipt issued by PayPal for your records. Let us know any information you want us to have under the space provided by PayPal during checkout.

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